Are You Proud of Your Job?

"There is no better feeling than knowing what you do matters." - Colin Finlay

I found myself awake at 7:30 on a Saturday morning thinking about the generation that is on its way to becoming the leaders of the future. I started thinking about all the youthful optimism that is entering the workplace and the many people who have followed their dreams. These same people often believe whatever they do, it is good and meaningful because that is what they have been led to believe through the school systems and “new age” parenting as I have heard some people refer to it.

We have a whole generation that is entering our workforce with the desire to make a difference and show the world how important what they do is. We have a whole generation that wants to wake up every day knowing why what they do makes a difference. We also have a whole generation that has not always learned mechanisms to cope with conflict or criticism in a constructive way.

This has left us as employers in a situation where we sometimes are inspired by the vigour and passion this new generation brings with it. At other times we are wondering how things that previous generations think of as common sense, such as why it’s important to be at work on time, just don’t seem to click. This brings me to ask, what are organizations doing about it? Perhaps what I mean to ask is has your organization found a way to make a difference?

Sure there is a learning curve for upcoming generations on how to deal with some social issues such as how to cope with criticism, but as previous generations we certainly had to manage some learning curves too. Remember when those computer things started popping up everywhere? Some people thought those things would never last! Boy weren’t they wrong.

So we already know that teaching and learning new skills has always been part of the work environment which brings us down to the next thing, why does it all matter? Why should anyone with such passion for what they do want to work with your organization? What is it that your company does that makes a difference in people’s lives? How does your organization keep that optimistic ray of energy alive in order to retain your newest employees?

There is a decreasing labour market of people who feel they have to go to work because they have to finish that project and an increasing market of people who want to go to work because they understand the project they want to finish could make a difference. Do you see the difference? If not, then read that last sentence again. As an organization what are we doing to make sure this generation wants to keep coming to work? Or in other words, what about your organization makes your employees proud to be there?

If that last question left you wondering or perhaps you didn’t like the answer then likely you are not alone. If that is the case, then as an organization it may be time to evaluate how it is that your organization plans on attracting new talent.

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