A Few Words About Trust

Trust and building relationships have been crucial to my success as a manager and HR practitioner for 15 years. I have worked with internal customers, external customers and teams of people numbering from two to two hundred in multiple industries. One common factor that can be said about every business I have worked with is that I formed solid relationships with people and maintained them. You can’t do that without trust.

To be an effective manager you need to trust others. Although some people may claim to be able to take on the world by themselves, often it is the weight of the world that ends up crushing them in the end. Trusting others to help you whether it is through delegation or perhaps in some cases by asking for it, is the only way a manager can remain efficient and effective in today’s workplace. By trusting others and having them trust you in return you are able to gain valuable insight on any number of situations. Some can be as simple as finding out when someone will be back in the office, to knowing an incident has taken place that requires your immediate attention. Aside from being able to gain knowledge you will also gain the respect of the people around you.

Using trust to build strong relationships allows you to be a better mentor and coach. If people can trust you with what their goals are, you have the opportunity to help that person succeed. If your staff regard you as someone who sincerely cares about their well being as well as their performance often it will increase their productivity. It gives them a reason to do well and continue to learn new skills. You may have to sometimes explain the big picture, but allowing people this insight can motivate them to do better because now they understand the meaning behind the work they are doing. They also have a better understanding of how their hard work makes a difference to the team and customers.

It’s important that customers trust you too. You need to build relationships that last with them. They should feel as though you’re providing them with the best product and service available. You should also be someone they can talk to when they have concerns. It’s easier for customers to simply stop using a product than discuss the challenges they might have with it. Customers should feel you have a trusting relationship so you can offer solutions they will listen to. Then they feel as though you are the right organization to come back to next time.

Build trust by being open and honest with people. By building trust I am certain you will find ways to build and maintain relationships which will make for a more efficient and effective work environment. It’s also important to maintain a trusting relationship with customers. They will in the end contribute feedback, and revenue for the organization that can be vital to your success.

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