Are You an Ambassador of Change?

Ambassador of ChangeThis year has been an amazing year of wondrous adventure and challenges that have provided me with opportunities and learning potential.

Over the last year I have successfully adjusted to a new role with my employer, successfully assisted in multiple committees with varying levels of accountability and provided guidance to some outstanding up and coming human resource professionals in both a formal and informal capacity.

Through this last year I have also engaged in personal and professional development through night classes and training opportunities afforded to me through my employer. This has provided me with new and renewed insight into topics that have assisted me in continuing to provide advice to people at all levels in the organizations I am involved with. It has also helped me to continue to mentor individuals in various ways. I also learned how to landscape my yard and insulate and drywall my garage which also afforded me some quality time with my father and friends.

Through this past year I have also continued to be a husband and father. Unfortunately we lost one of the family pets. Benny was our pet rabbit who was approximately 14 years old when he passed. Our other rabbit, Jerry is quite lonely these days with the passing of his good friend.

My family was blessed however this year with the birth of our third daughter. She was born in late November and since has not only provided us with many sleepless nights but also many hours of joy as we watch her eyes soak in everything around her and smile whenever she sees her sisters.

I certainly would consider this past year a great success, however that is not to say it didn’t have challenges. How did I overcome those challenges? How do I manage the time that is needed to accomplish all this? How do I stay positive under the weight of all the other things that need to be managed through my day, months and year? Well for one, I accept change.

While I believe it is foolish to go through life without planning anything, I also recognize there are many circumstances in life which I have no control over. So when something happens that poses a challenge to my plans, I change the plan. Adapt to the environment that is consistently changing around me and look for solutions while recognizing that sometimes the solutions available are not ones that everyone will appreciate. That’s life.

Change is inevitable in every aspect of our lives no matter how prepared we think we are and sometimes we don’t even notice it until it is upon us, but I am not afraid of it. Embracing changes as they occur has allowed me to succeed in ways I never thought possible.

Over the last year my life has changed in many ways and with each one I found myself not asking, “How can I stop this?” but instead I asked, “What must I learn from or about this for me to continue down a path of success?”

I don’t know how everyone defines their success. I don’t’ know what everyone’s goals should be. I don’t believe that the way I have lived my life is the most promising way to success. But I do know that when I consciously made the choice to embrace the changes that I had no control over and learn how to meet my goals regardless of the challenges presented by the many twists and turns that life affords us all, I found success.

So to all those who are hanging their heads over circumstances that played out over the last year or are perhaps finding themselves worried about the changes they fear may be in store for them this coming year, stop. Stop thinking about it all for a moment, consider what circumstances are beyond your control and stop stressing about them, just accept it. Take for a moment the opportunity to breathe and consider how you would define your own personal success while considering that only your behaviours can achieve it, which may include asking for help. Plan your goals and objectives with the understanding that circumstances might change and be ready to accept and adapt with it.

Some might say that I embrace change as it occurs, however I believe I don’t just embrace it, I act as an ambassador of change. I encourage it. I once wrote, “The Nemesis of Improvement is Complacency”, and to battle complacency and drive success you’ll find that change is inevitable.

I wish you all a fantastic new year full of change!

How do you act as an Ambassador of Change?

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