Balance and Sustainability

World in balanceRecently I’ve given pause to consider the notion of balance and sustainability which led me to consider our future; all of us. I thought I would share with you some thoughts.

If you consider the rate at which technologies change and the world conforms to these changes, you must have hope. We as a people who have hope for a better world already have the motivation that we need to act so that we can make this a reality.

I envision like most other things on earth a lifecycle will take place if not by our choice, then perhaps through the natural consequences of the choices we make. Eventually the world will succumb to the need to behave in a more sustainable manner, it will require people to learn to see past our differences and focus on the commonalities we share. Through history people have shown that when humans act in the interest of a common goal, that remarkable feats can be achieved.

I believe our needs will be focused on renewable resources rather than the finite resources we currently use. I believe growing food in one’s own home will become more popular and perhaps vital to sustain our food supply in a sustainable fashion. Or perhaps there is potential in the market for indoor, climate controlled agri-solutions in order to amplify the food supply and reduce the amount of chemicals that are required to deter pests and unwanted weeds. I believe people will respect the limited natural resources we have left and eliminate unhealthy habits that contribute to the demise of our planet and bodies such as buying bottled water. We as a people will end such unhealthy habits and purify that which nature has already provided for us.

I believe transportation will utilize more sustainable means of construction and the fuel will be some form of electrical power. I believe we will recognize value in sustainable development of walk-able neighborhoods so we can reduce our carbon footprint and reduce the amount of individual transportation that would be required. The development of such sustainable models of living would improve our use of existing infrastructure and improve the social interactions that exist within our communities. The possibilities of such a sustainable way of living are at our doorsteps, we have but to open the door and embrace the changes that are needed to implement them.

I’m not suggesting we all become bicycle riding, tree hugging, organic vegans who live in communes. What I am suggesting is that we all in our own individual ways decide to take one action to promote a better way of living. For instance, I’ve chosen to no longer support the purchase of bottled water. Studies have shown it is less healthy than tap water, it pollutes our earth through the creation of the plastic bottle it is packaged within and it removes vital fresh water resources from our rivers, lakes and underground wells that can no longer be used as nature intended them. I live and work in an area that has clean drinking water available, so the need to purchase what is already available at no additional cost simply does not make sense to me. My hope is that I am not alone in this endeavor and through this; I can hope that 7 generations down the road clean water will be available for future generations to come.

Let’s recognize that sometimes the consequences of our actions today may not be realized until years to come, but it is our choice as individuals to decide how we wish others to remember what actions we take and why we take them. I believe people will reclaim the power to make the world a better place by recognizing it is the everyday people like you and me whose actions guide the decisions that get us there. I have hope that a better future is possible when we as a people decide to no longer support the destructive systems which will lead to our demise.

Let us recognize that words will not lead us forward, action is needed and it is only through our actions that we will be judged by those who live through the legacy we leave behind. So I ask you, what have you done to promote balance and sustainability in today’s world so you can be remembered 7 generations from now as someone who made a difference? What have you done today to give others hope and inspire them to build a sustainable and healthy future?

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