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Embrace Diversity, Let Go of Your Anger

Recent events have given me the opportunity to remember just how much I cherish and value diversity in our society. I am astonished that in 2017 we find ourselves having to remind others, including those who are supposed to be … Continue reading

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Balance and Sustainability

Recently I’ve given pause to consider the notion of balance and sustainability which led me to consider our future; all of us. I thought I would share with you some thoughts. If you consider the rate at which technologies change … Continue reading

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Recruitment: Going the Distance

Whether you are new to recruiting or perhaps you have been recruiting for the last 15 years you will have to agree that recruitment is different today than it has been in the past. Today we have such a unique … Continue reading

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Goodbye 2016, onward to a “A New Hope”

“Clinging to a situation that brings nothing but despair and it doesn’t matter how hard they try to navigate troubled waters eventually all they can see around them is jagged rocks. The rocks are waiting for the moment where a … Continue reading

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Medical Documentation – Let’s get it right!

  An employee comes forward and tells their manager that they have a note from a medical professional… In my experience this is how what should be a simple conversation often turns into an emotionally heightened state of confusion. Let … Continue reading

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Don’t Recruit Like a Wallflower, Get Out and Dance!

Recently I’ve been given the challenge to pause and consider my experience in recruitment and what I’ve come to realize is that in some ways this aspect of the Human Resources profession is not given the credit that illustrates the … Continue reading

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Exploiting Young Workers is Wrong

Recently I had the opportunity to read an article in The Winnipeg Free Press by Brianna Heinrichs called “Labour Laws are hampering our youth” Some of the points in the article were interesting and it is understandable that restricting the … Continue reading

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