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Water of Nations

Over the years I have been giving thought to the manner in which we have allowed our water systems to be exploited. So long as the leaders of our peoples regard our water systems as a resource to be directly … Continue reading

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2017 – Hope and Motivation

2017 was indeed a year of hope and renewal, physically, emotionally and mentally for me and carried with it some learning moments as I ventured into new projects. I must start this year by acknowledging the wonderful team of people … Continue reading

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Goodbye 2016, onward to a “A New Hope”

“Clinging to a situation that brings nothing but despair and it doesn’t matter how hard they try to navigate troubled waters eventually all they can see around them is jagged rocks. The rocks are waiting for the moment where a … Continue reading

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Medical Documentation – Let’s get it right!

  An employee comes forward and tells their manager that they have a note from a medical professional… In my experience this is how what should be a simple conversation often turns into an emotionally heightened state of confusion. Let … Continue reading

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