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Employee Recognition

After attending an awards event last night where people were recognized for their contribution to their organizations, their profession and their community I was inspired to give some further thought to the concept of recognition. What is recognition? Is it … Continue reading

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Culture and Motivation

Does your organization’s culture motivate your staff? Probably not directly, but it can be used as a breeding ground for actual motivators. Recently I’ve had the opportunity to engage in some great conversations regarding motivators and one aspect people continued … Continue reading

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Build Better Relationships

Trust and building relationships have been crucial to my success as a manager and HR practitioner for 15+ years. I have worked with internal customers, external customers and teams of people numbering from two to two hundred in multiple industries. … Continue reading

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I Saved a Man’s Life

On October 11, 2011 I saved a man’s life and it made me think… On a busy corner in Winnipeg I was waiting for the traffic lights to change. When the lights did change the man beside me started walking with … Continue reading

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