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Dufresne Furniture – Customer Service or Customer Obstruction?

The following is an account of my current experience with Dufresne Furniture in Winnipeg, Manitoba through the Ellice store location and call centre staff. It is a representation of my opinion and perceptions based on my experience. On September 09, 2012 … Continue reading

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Checking References – Don’t be annoying, be organized!

Recently I was contacted by someone to provide a reference for someone else. I was surprised to receive the call because I had not been informed that I was on someone’s list of references to begin with. A helpful tip … Continue reading

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Employee Recognition

After attending an awards event last night where people were recognized for their contribution to their organizations, their profession and their community I was inspired to give some further thought to the concept of recognition. What is recognition? Is it … Continue reading

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Violence in the Workplace

Are you at risk of violence in your workplace? Our recent North American history certainly shows us that people are capable of violence in the workplace.  We have heard too often in the media of workers, customers or students who … Continue reading

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Break the Myths of Social Media and Build Your Brand!

I thought social media was just a bunch of people sharing pictures and stuff, right? I don’t think anyone in my industry is using it, are they? Social media is dangerous, and can put our company at risk right? Social … Continue reading

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Are you ready to manage your “flex-time”?

In January 2012 new legislation in Manitoba will be in effect that allows for non-unionized individuals to enter an employee agreement with their employer regarding their hours of work. The purpose of the new legislation is to assist employees in … Continue reading

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5 Easy Steps to Effective Feedback

Feedback is essential in every organization. This is something we hear all the time, we read it in all the books and newspapers, but yet, we still have so many managers who need to hear it again. Feedback is essential … Continue reading

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