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Screening Your Applicants

Have you ever sat down with a manager who screens resumes for a position only to explain the reason they think  certain resumes qualify for interviews is because “these resumes are from nice people”? Or are you maybe one of … Continue reading

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Job Postings

While reading a job posting nothing bothers me more than reading a list of sought after qualifications that are so generalized in nature that you are left wondering if the recruitment officer or manager even knows what the job does. … Continue reading

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Job Analysis

Too often in organizations job analysis is an area that is overlooked; however it is critical to understanding the nature of the job the organization needs to achieve its goals. Most commonly management will forego an analysis simply because they … Continue reading

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I Saved a Man’s Life

On October 11, 2011 I saved a man’s life and it made me think… On a busy corner in Winnipeg I was waiting for the traffic lights to change. When the lights did change the man beside me started walking with … Continue reading

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