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Dufresne Furniture – Customer Service or Customer Obstruction?

The following is an account of my current experience with Dufresne Furniture in Winnipeg, Manitoba through the Ellice store location and call centre staff. It is a representation of my opinion and perceptions based on my experience. On September 09, 2012 … Continue reading

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Work/Life Balance

Recently I was asked, “How important do you think work/life balance is?” Well, in my opinion it is very important. Let me explain. There are a lot of advantages to maintaining a healthy balance between your work life and that … Continue reading

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Managing Performance – Where do I start?

Managing performance is a topic of recent discussions I’ve had over the last week. People have been sharing with me the many different methods they use. Others have shared, to my surprise, that they currently have no system in place … Continue reading

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A Few Words About Trust

Trust and building relationships have been crucial to my success as a manager and HR practitioner for 15 years. I have worked with internal customers, external customers and teams of people numbering from two to two hundred in multiple industries. One … Continue reading

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