About Colin Finlay

Colin is an Entrepreneur, HR Professional and Educator who carries with him a wealth of knowledge related to the realities that people face in the business world.

Holding his first management position at the age of 18 years old he has amassed over 20 years of experience managing businesses and people throughout multiple industries. Through these years Colin has helped the organizations he has worked with grow, foster positive relationships, manage performance, implement training and standardize their processes and tools to improve both their productivity and bottom line.

Transitioning through periods of change can be difficult for any business even when business is good. Colin’s ability to connect human resource concepts to management practices provides insights that empower all levels of staff to reach for their highest potential and assert a direct influence over the culture of their organization.

With the goal of empowering our future leaders of tomorrow’s workforce Colin also provides his time to post-secondary institutions and shares his knowledge through the instruction of various business related topics.

For more information on how Colin might assist your organization or make himself available to speak at your event please contact him.

*All comments made by Colin Finlay are the sole opinions of himself and in no way are they made in conjunction with his employer, nor does such employer neither directly nor indirectly endorse such said opinions.

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