Why Build A Personal Brand?

Colin Finlay, CHRP

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With the way the job market is today no wonder that people are doing whatever they can to be noticed before the next person. Some people are using different coloured paper for their resumes, while others are going as far as standing on a corner with sandwich boards and handing out resumes like flyers for a rock concert at your local pub. In the end however people are just trying to get noticed.

I’ll admit it is nice to get a pretty pink resume that smells like perfume because they make good air fresheners. A resume just doesn’t cut it though today when applying for some jobs. Throwing a sandwich board over your shoulders will sure get you noticed, but many people in today’s society have disciplined themselves to ignore such marketing tactics and may just walk by without paying heed to the message you carry.

So what can a person do in order to get noticed these days? Well one thing to do is give a recruiter or hiring manager a taste of what you are about by building your personal brand. A personal brand is a great step in marketing yourself to the world. It should be about who you are as a person and what you intend to accomplish. With the right amount of creativity and thought, your personal brand may eventually carry on to become known to the world synonymously with what you stand for. Wouldn’t that be something?

Imagine this, people would reach for a “Kleenex” to wipe away the tears of joy from their face when they “Google” your name and see the magnificent work you have done only to say “I am going to “Your Name” one day.”

Well I suppose that is a dream for many, but for some it has become a reality. For instance in the UK it’s not uncommon to hear someone say they are hoovering. I wonder if Mr. Hoover ever imagined his name would one day become the verb to describe vacuuming.

In marketing, this is a dream come true. The name of the product becomes the verb associated to the use of the product. Wouldn’t it be great if whatever you were most passionate about was suddenly named after you?

By Colin Finlay

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