What do you do as an HR Professional to add value to your role?

IMG_8172When was the last time you retreated to a peaceful place in your mind and asked, “What do you do as an HR Professional to add value to your role?” Is this a question you have asked yourself recently? If not, it could be that you aren’t doing that anymore.

My peaceful place often reminds me of my many hikes through the Canadian Rockies. Every once in a while I stop and consider, “What is it that I am doing?” My personal goal is not to act as a conduit to relieve others of the means of filling out paperwork. I don’t intend on functioning as a specialized administrative personnel. My goal is to add value to the lives of most people I interact with in one way or another. In doing so, I also hope to add value to the organizations I serve as well as the environment I live in. So every once in a while I need to ask myself, “Is that what I am doing?” and “Am I going the right way?”

As an HR Professional this is something you truly need to consider in order to make sure you are providng the best possible service you can. It’s important that you take the time to truly understand an issue before reacting. Understand the path ahead of you before you trek out into the wilderness. You might be surprised how many people get trapped in the rut of daily routine without consideration of the direction they are going in. Consider this, when is the last time you read the strategic plan of your organization? Did you understand it? Did you understand how it applies to your role? What part do you play in its creation, or its implementation? Where are you on the map towards success?

In my opinion there are many ways we as HR Professionals are able to assist in furthering the goals of our organization, but that also means furthering the goals of its people. I’m not suggesting that we have to give in to the stereotype of the “bleeding heart” HR person who wants to help everyone no matter what the cost and certainly I am not suggesting that we give into the stereotype of the “cold hearted” HR person who is driven by process without regard for the human elements in life. I’m suggesting a balance between the two simply because with the incredible array of situations that presents themselves to us each day we need the flexibility to approach each one knowing we are doing what is right for our organization, the people we serve, and the environment we live in.

There are so many ways we have the opportunities to help shape the future, but it requires thought, not just action. It certainly works the other way around as well; it requires action and not just thought. We can’t walk around just staring at the map without taking in what’s going on around us or we will fall off a cliff somewhere!

With every hire we have the opportunity to ask if the right skill gaps are being addressed, and the right attitudes are being introduced. With every challenge we have the opportunity to illustrate what has been learned and what might be overcome. With every success we have the opportunity to celebrate in our success and then challenge ourselves with evaluating what we can do to make it even better. Sometimes these situations come naturally and with ease, and other times they require the courage to adhere to the values and principles of what you and those you serve stand for. Don’t be afraid of the mountain just because it’s a challenge, but make sure you are prepared for the challenges as best as you can be.

I for one am glad that I am not a “paper pushing pencil neck” as described in a previous blog of mine. I challenge you as HR Professionals to take stock of what you are doing. Ask yourself when the last time was you considered if you were truly doing what was in the best interest of all or are you just following tradition and routine because that’s how it has always been done? Are you doing anything that helps make things better, or are you just doing things to get them done? Are you heading in the right direction so you can meet with success, or are you just wandering around in the wilderness?

Ask yourselves, “What am I doing to provide value as an HR Professional?” and then share that with us in the comment section below.

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