Break the Myths of Social Media and Build Your Brand!

I thought social media was just a bunch of people sharing pictures and stuff, right? I don’t think anyone in my industry is using it, are they? Social media is dangerous, and can put our company at risk right?

Social media has become a powerful tool to network throughout the world. With a multitude of different tools available the possibilities in how we use them are endless. It allows you to present yourself to the world so it can help you meet the right people and allow them to find you as well. Social media is being used in marketing, recruitment and many other aspects of business.

Social media is sometimes the only source used to tap into a hidden market. If you aren’t part of it, you are invisible. It’s likely your competition is not however and its possible a lack of presence in social media might be costing you business.

Social media is quickly becoming the only way for people to display the talents and services they offer to an audience that has become desensitized from traditional media sources. There are a multitude of tools available to help you expand your online presence and build your brand and there are plenty of people who are able to assist you and minimize any risk. Just like other technologies it should be implemented with a purpose, a policy and a plan. It’s the 3 P’s! 

Consider the following questions before diving in to social media:

  1. What are we trying to achieve?
  2. What tools can we use to get there?
  3. What strategy can we use for each tool?
  4. How do we bring it all together in order to achieve our goal while minimizing risk?

Social media can aid you in marketing yourself or your company to the world as someone they may want to hire or buy from. If you don’t currently have a profile on any of the following it may be something you should consider in order to help people find you and your brand:

  • LinkedIn – is a social network used primarily by recruiters and professionals to form contacts in business. It is as much an online resume or company profile as it is a rolodex of people you have interacted with or are interested in learning more about so you can contact them or work together.
  • Facebook – is a social network used by over 700 million people across the globe. It’s probable that someone who is interested in your services views this almost every day. Any photos or comments on personal pages may still be viewable if the potential client or customer knows someone on your friend list. For this reason it can be beneficial also to create a separate Facebook page for your professional services vs. the page you might keep for personal affairs such as seeing pictures of your grandchildren. Make sure you present yourself in a manner that speaks well to you and your organization and have your friends remove anything you may not want the public to see. General rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t want it to air on national TV, you should probably remove it from the internet. Facebook is also a inexpensive option for advertising.
  • Twitter – this is a great way for you to begin communicating with people about your products and services. It is also a great way to learn more about your customers and receive feedback regarding your products and services.
  • YouTube – is a video sharing platform for those who want to display their talents. This can often be a great way to show customers your products and services by presenting to them a sample of the benefits they might enjoy. It helps them get to know you. Presenting oneself well on YouTube has helped many people showcase their talents and have landed them incredible opportunities! 
  • Web Site – If you don’t have a web site it may be something else to consider. This can often be used as a staging ground for people to get a glimpse of who you are and what you want to achieve along with any other information you decide to provide. There are many different ways and varying levels of complexity to how this can be done.

People are less skeptical of what they are already familiar with. Presenting yourself publicly is a great way for potential clients or customers to find you. If they see you or your organization as someone they are interested in before you even have contact with them then you certainly have an added advantage.

Remember to make note of what feedback you receive and evaluate the success you are having with your tactics then make adjustments if needed and keep working at it. Nothing happens overnight, it takes time to build a trusting relationship with your soon to be advocates!

Remember nothing is perfect and you won’t be able to please everyone all the time. Listening to the feedback people give you at least allows you to consider what they say. Make sure to thank anyone who provides you feedback as well. It is something they are doing because they want to help you even if it is hard to hear.

If you are not certain or are unfamiliar about the use of any of the many ways you can market yourself or your organization you may want to consult with an expert in that field for assistance.

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